About Us

Make It Happen offers professional assistance services for entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, and business owners.
Whether you need a reliable Virtual Assistant who can organize your daily schedules or a Professional Events Manager who can arrange your next big corporate or family event within a week’s notice, we have the ideal staff to do these things for you.
Through our services, our goal is to make life easier for clients, so that they can save time, focus on their priorities, and achieve work-life balance.

What We Do 4 Core Services

Virtual Assistance

With so many tasks occupying the space in our minds, which helps with nothing but to expand time lines, Make it Happen assists you with a Virtual Assistant. Get a reliable assistant who will work and get things done for you remotely.


As a specialist recruitment agency, we are diligent and relentless in finding the right candidate for your needs. From Admin and Executive Assistants to Travel Coordinators and Office Support, we understand all these roles must have the right combination of experience, personality and positive attitude. We carefully screen candidates and utilise our extensive network to find superior talent to fill the position promptly.

Event Management

Hosting an event is always challenging. From managing multiple vendors, negotiation, planning to receiving guests at times, can take the fun out of the event for the hosts. This is where Make it Happen steps in, providing you the expert trained Event Coordinators.

Communication Marketing

Make It Happen has an affiliated marketing team with around 10 years of experience, with 15+ members in the team. Communication marketing is crucial for businesses to connect with their audience, build brand awareness, and ultimately drive sales and loyalty, which is exactly what Make It Happen assists with.

Tailor Made Services?


Aarti Wig

Co-founder at Yunus Social Business India

Alexander Munyard

Deloitte Consultant | STEM MBA Candidate '23, WashU Olin

Arielle Molino

Network Weaver | Social Entrepreneurship | Incubation & Acceleration

Arijit Banarji

Creative Economy | Content Strategy | Digital Marketing | Alumnus: CQU & USyd | AIYD18 | IABCA Ambassador 2023


Our Team

Greta Noronha

Finance Head

Arti Raut

Virtual Assistant

Kaini Daiho

Virtual Assistant